Creative planning, sketch design, creative concepts

Developing compelling creative on-screen for IP owners and licensors to be successful off-screen needs careful design and planning. There’s always a world of assets to create, to inspire and maximise the support of IP partners. We guide Toy co’s, consumer products licensees, publishers and live events teams to design in-show and beyond.

We partner with production studios and teams to understand their stories and amplify and enhance them to demonstrate the potential of content and the IP early. We understand the 2 worlds of content and licensing and the tensions that can exist between them. This is not about making every show feel like a toy commercial.

What do toy companies need in this show, how can I support them?

What do we need to show license partners and when?

How do we approach licensing the IP have?

We’ve been part of the initial sketches of TV shows and movies, advising, guiding and designing features, products and ideas that complement the stories and bring the franchise to life off-air. With licensing so important to the financial success of content, it’s critical to bake in the ideas and early.